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"Ayurveda" or "Science of Life" - the origin of most forms of natural and alternative medicines — has its mention in one of the oldest (about 6,000 years old) philosophical texts of the world, the Rig Veda. The Sutrasthana of Charaka Samhita...

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Know Your Prakriti

Are you a Vata, Pitta or Kapha person? Take this simple test to understand you better.

Body Built

Narrow hips and Shoulders.


Dry, dark,
brown to black.


Small, black or brown

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Our Products

  1. Prevents Hair Fall
    Controls Dandruff
    Promotes Hair Growth
    Prevents Premature Greying
    Mayukhi Herbal Hair Oil
  2. Relieves Acidity, Heartburn,
    Flavoured with Original
    Acid regulator, Digestive,
    Quick relief. 100% Natural.
    Sugar free
  3. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Lubricates joints
    Imparts muscle tone and strengthens the Dhatus
    Imparts firmness to limbs. Stimulates circulation
    Helps the lymphatic functioning for detoxification
    Orthoherb Oil
  4. Protects synovial membrane by enhancing fluid production
    Relief from back pain, knee pain and all types of inflammatory joint conditions
    Contains 23 herbs uniquely formulated for joint pains
    100% herbal and safe.Non-gastric & Non-ulcerous
    Orthoherb Tablets
  5. Dialates respiratory tract
    Clears phlegm out of lungs
    Imparts resistance against recurrent respiratory infections
    Improves respiratory strength and rejuvenates lungs
    Breathe Eazy Granules
  6. Suitable for diabetic patients
    Clears phlegm out of lungs
    Imparts resistance against recurrent respiratory infections
    Improves respiratory strength and rejuvenates lungs
    Breathe Eazy Tablets
  7. Prevent Viral infections
    Control Fever
    Best Treatment for Bronchitis
    Prevent Acute Respiratory Tract Infections

Bringing Sustainable relief to Millions. Add Your Story

  • Initially, I had Pain in my knees which slowly escalated to the ankle and back. Due to the pain, I would find it discomforting to pray. I used to visit the doctor every 15 days but was of no help. It was after I started using PankajakasthuriOrthoherb that my pain ...


  • I suffered from allergic reactions since childhood. This continued as I had to work in the office under the AC for 8 long hours. To get rid of it, I took antibiotics. Then someone suggested me to use Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy. After I started using it, within ...

    Raneha Puri

  • Until the age of 40, I was extremely fit and used to go to work regularly. However, after 40, I started having breathing trouble. It was so serious that after walking 10 steps, I would fall short of breath. I had no other option but to rely on steroid and inhalers. ...

    Sharad Paigude

  • I suffered from severe Knee problems and JointPain. Then one day I came across an advertisement for Pankajakasthuri OrthoherbOil and Tablets. I was glad that I made the right decision of using them. As the days passed, I started feeling better. And now I can walk ...


  • On a scale of 1 to 10, my KneePain was at 10. I had constant ache and a limp while walking. After coming across an advertisement of Pankajakasthuri Orthoherb on TV, I began taking the Tablets. I started feeling the difference within a few weeks and in 3 to 4 months ...




ZingiVir-H Tab is a Herbomineral tablet that is a blend of 7 ingredients....

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Achieving complete healthcare and harmony of body, mind and soul through Ayurveda.

Yes. Like all the events that change the course of the world, this too started with a vision... In a brilliant brain with a courageous mind ...

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Take Long pepper, Dry ginger and Black pepper in equal...


Cool water. The first thing you should do when you get...

Urine Retention

Crush a few cardamoms put it into a fresh tender coconut...

Hair Fall

Make a medicated oil using,fresh juices from...


Make a decoction of 8-10 gooseberry with 1 teaspoon...

Cough & Cold

Fresh juice taken from 4-6 leaves of Malabarnut with...

Joint Pain

Have one teaspoon of fine cinnamnon powder with...


Consume 10 gms of Dhub grass paste daily. This will bring...


Medicated oil of neem leaves and turmeric will solve...

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Here’s a list of advice on boosting your defenses which include adopting healthier habits, making healthy food choices, taking Chyavan...

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best chyavanprash in india - pankajakasthuri

Padmasree Award 2012

Dr. J. Hareendran Nair (MD Pankajakasthuri Group) has been conferred Padmasree Award 2012

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Thiruvananthapuram Nov 2005

Honourable Chief Minister Shri Ommen Chandy unveiled Harmony - ayurvedic massage...

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