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 Pankajakasthuri Life - Ayurvedic Therapy Center
“Where body, mind and soul are in Harmony
And the Being is in rhythm with Divine Consciousness
Life evolves into an everlasting melody
Tuned perfectly by Nature’s abundance.”

'Life', the authentic ayurvedic experience from Pankajakasthuri, offers a unique concept of protocol-based Ayurvedic experience packages across the world.
"Life' brings the true essence of Ayurveda, the ancient science of holistic healing, setting a treatment protocol that is in strict adherence to the sacred tenets of Ayurveda, albeit very relevant to the present-day lifestyle.
'Life' lets you unravel an authentic ayurvedic experience. It applies Ayurveda - the ancient science of life, longevity and rejuvenation - in the most modern environ, to refresh the body, mind and soul and to let you reinvent yourself.
'Life' presents customized packages of original ayurvedic therapies that are a unique symphony of pure tradition and adaptability with modern times. It preaches oneness with all that is pure and natural, detoxifies the body of chemicals, cleanses the mind of discordance and conflict and purifies the soul deep within. Every component is designed to relax the body, soothe the mind and let tranquillity descend upon the soul.
'Life' uses its very own Ayurvedic products (Pankajakasthuri), grown in its herbariums and manufactured to international quality standards in its state-of-the art production facility. With ISO, GMP and ETC certifications, the quality of its products and services meets the highest standards set by international resorts and their privileged customers.
'Life' ensures authentic Ayurveda, practiced in its purest form. Each individual is given a personalized regimen of treatment and diet after an in-depth evaluation by an Ayurvedic Physician. The cleansing massages with fragrant oils and reviving baths at the hands of professionally trained masseurs transform drained and exhausted bodies and psyches into vibrant, refreshed and totally relaxed beings.
'Life' also lets you plunge into a voyage of self discovery, by helping you reach your inner space to experience a new plane of awareness, vitality and self realization so that your body, mind and soul blossoms with renewed energy and the urge to start life a new.

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Pankajakasthuri Life - Ayurvedic Therapy Center
Near State Bank of India,
Jawahar Nagar, Kadawantra,
Cochin - 20
Ph : 0484 220 3112, 220 3113