Shop on Pankajakasthuri

Mr. J. Mahendran Nair
Telephone: +91-472-2896301
           A dynamic entrepreneur,successful businessman,triumphant industrialist and progressive educationalist.Has more than 25 years of fruitful experience in the above multi-disciplines and leads institutions to higher levels of Growth.A member of many social organisations and works for the development of the society.He is also the Chairman of Pankajakasthuri College of Engineering & Technology,Kandala & Ambadi Diary in Vellanad,Trivandrum.He has many awards to his credit.

Dr J Hareendran Nair
Managing Director
Telephone: +91-472-2896301
           An Ayurveda Doctor by profession. Decades of Professional experience as an Ayurveda Physician,Medicine Manufacturer, Propagator, Publisher,Researcher, Educationist, writer, and  Social worker.He had established Pankajakasthuri Ayurveda Medical College, Chain of Pankajakasthuri Panchakarma Centre,Santham Project, Harmony Project and scores of other progressive projects. He had won many state level and National Level Awards.
Mr. V. Sreekumar
Finance Director
Telephone: +91-472-2896301
           Decades of Experience in Financial Planning, Research, Control and Monitoring. In industrial Secto, Expert in Financial Analysis and interpretation.
Mrs Asha Hareendran
Telephone: +91-472-2896301
 An inspiring Administrator,Top Class Meticulous Planner,and Successful Industrialist both in the Manufacturing and Service Sectors.Has more than 15 years of result oriented dynamic experience in Manufacturing & Service sectors.Her motivating leadership qualities,excellent financial management skills and proven administrative abilities has moved the institutions to elegant levels.She is also the Director of Pankajakasthuri Panchakarma  Centres which has different centres within the country and abroad.

Mr. Arun Visakh Nair
Director (Sales & Marketing)
Telephone: +91-472-2896301
           Engineer by Profession. Holding Masters Degree in Business Administration. Successful Marketing Strategist. Played an integral role in establishing the Pankajakasthuri brands in India and abroad.

Er. MGK Nair
Chief Operating Officer
Telephone: +91-472-2896301
           Engineer by Profession.  Decades of  Experience as top executive of different companies and well versed in ISO standards.Brilliant Administrator, Planner and high caliber executive with records of high rate of achievements in industrial sector.