Coping with the hectic pace of today’s 24*7 lifestyle is stressful. Managing work, family, and personal life –all at the same time also adds to the stress. According to Ayurveda, constant rush and stress in one’s lifestyle wreak havoc on one’s health and quality of life.

Are you living life too fast? If yes, then it’s never too late to steer in the right direction. Here are the 10 ways how you can slow down and achieve balance:

1. Slow things down

  The key to achieving a composed state of mind is to step away from the fast lane. When you slow things down, you nurture       your thought process and put more of yourself into any task that you seek to accomplish successfully. Practicing this may         seem challenging initially, but will seem natural over time, as you commit more to it.

2. Meditation

    Meditation helps you gain inner peace, unlock your potential, and achieve a state of equilibrium. When you meditate, you          learn to transcend into the zone of stillness (where you can slow down your thoughts and detoxify your mind).Starting your        day with meditation helps you remain calm and focused throughout the day.

3. Don’t over-commit

     Often, we take on too much responsibility, which causes stress and anxiety. It’s okay to learn to say no to work you can’t           do.In fact, looking for opportunities to remove unnecessary activities from your daily routine will help you prioritise things           better.

4. Technology – use it only when you need it

     Sure, technology helps you multitask, but it can stress you out as well. Constantly checking your emails during family time,       overindulging on social media, and unnecessarily diddling on your smartphone can affect your personal and professional           well-being.

5. Figure out the loopholes

    One simple way to break out of your stressful routine is to find out the loopholes. When you take a step back and analyse          what’s causing you to struggle with a specific task, you can figure out the solution and streamline your daily routine.

6. Be a good friend with time

    Often it happens that the way we handle time is solely based on our perceptions. Therefore, it’s good to develop a                    perception of being free. This way, you can achieve a sense of control.

7. Spend time with yourself

    Spending time with yourself helps you understand your inner self – the actual goals you seek to achieve in your life (and not      the unrealistic ones).

8. Nurture your passion

    Often, stress builds up when you miss the essence of the work you do. Nurturing your passion helps in making your life            more fulfilling and joyful.

9. Prioritise family and friend time

     Don’t let work get in the way of spending quality time with your family and friends. In fact, spending time with your near and       dear ones helps you develop a sense of belonging.

10. Maintain good health

       Good health is the key to a balanced and fulfilling life. Maintain physical well-being through regular exercise, healthy diet,         and proper sleep timings.

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