Cough is a natural way the body gets rid of Phlegm and allergens. However, if left untreated, cough can become more serious over time, and can even lead to pneumonia.

Here, we discuss some useful insights to effectively manage your symptoms:

  1. Honey and Turmeric
    Honey is an effective cough suppressant. Local honey (natural, unrefined honey extracted directly from honeycomb) mixed with Turmeric powder improves the immune system and provides relief from cough.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids
    Drinking lukewarm water and herbal tea dissolves mucus in the Throat
  3. Steam inhalation
    Inhaling steam helps clear the mucus.
  4. Eat Vitamin C rich food
    A persistent cough can cause vomiting, especially if you eat large and heavy meals.Eat food rich in Vitamin C such as bell peppers, papaya, kiwi, and black currant to boost immunity.
  5. Avoid infection and spreading the virus
    Wash your hands with soap to avoid infection. Also, avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose. Use a handkerchief or a tissue paper while coughing. Keep distance from people to avoid spreading the virus.
  6. Avoid eating junk food items
    Junk food items such as deep-fried snacks, spicy snacks, and packaged meat can cause irritation in throat and aggravate the condition.
  7. Lower exposure to allergens
    Allergens such as dust, pollen, and contaminants in the air can aggravate your condition. You can use an air purifier in your bedroom to lower the exposure to allergens.
  8. Take rest
    Follow a strict sleeping schedule and take plenty of rest. Avoid strenuous activities like endurance running, swimming, and other activities that make you breathe harder.

The Don’ts of a Cough

  1. Do not neglect the symptom
    A persistent cough can worsen and lead to wheezing, throbbing chest pain, and even pneumonia.
  2. Do not smoke
    Smoking is a trigger for cough. When suffering from cough, do not smoke and limit exposure to Passive smoking
  3. Do not sleep on your back
    Sleeping on your back can worsen coughing bouts at night. Sleep on your side to stop coughing at night.
  4.  Do not cough into your hands
    Coughing into your hands is one of the common ways through which the virus is spread.  If you don’t have a tissue or handkerchief, use your sleeve or elbow.
  5.  Do not eat cold food items
    Avoid eating cold foods items such as chilled juice and ice creams because they are cough triggers.
  6.  Limit your caffeine intake
    When suffering from a bad bout of cough, it’s natural to grab a cup of coffee for getting quick relief. However, this is not the right thing to do because caffeine makes your body to lose more water. And dehydration can worsen your condition.

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