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Padmasree Award 2012

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CNN-IBN Reports-Pankajakasthuri's Padheyam a helping hand in Feeding Thousands -Katakada (Kerala):

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Thiruvananthapuram , Nov/2005 - Honourable Chief Minister Sri ommen chandy unveiled Harmony- ayurvedic massage-based wellness and rejuvenation services

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Ayurveda Faculty Required

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 According to ayurveda, The human body is composed of 3 fundamental elements called, "DOSHAS" which represents the physico - chemical and physiological activities of the body.

"DHATUS" which denotes the materials entering into the formation of a basic structure of the body cell, to perform basic actions.

"MALAS" the substance which are partly used in the body and partly excreted in another form after serving their physiological activities.

Proper balance of these three 'irreducible principles' at work, in the human body, is essential. All the three are equally important, but Doshas area bit more dominant.

There are 3 kinds of doshas.

They are 'Vata', 'Pitta'and 'Kapha', which may not be equal and same in all people. Our food haits, lifestyle etc., can be adjusted according to the body type, to maintain perfect health.