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Padmasree Award 2012

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CNN-IBN Reports-Pankajakasthuri's Padheyam a helping hand in Feeding Thousands -Katakada (Kerala):

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Thiruvananthapuram , Nov/2005 - Honourable Chief Minister Sri ommen chandy unveiled Harmony- ayurvedic massage-based wellness and rejuvenation services

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Ayurveda Faculty Required

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Research and Development

The R&D wing is dedicated to innovating and developing new products. Here, every product undergoes stringent toxicology and pharmacology tests, which are administrated by a team of highly qualified medical practitioners. The R&D wing was set up by Dr. J. Hareendran Nair in 1983. After years of sustained research, the first breakthrough came with the discovery of Pankajakasthuri.

Pankajakasthuri proved to be the most effective remedy for asthma and all types of breathing disorders and soon gained immense popularity. In 1999, the department came out with two more wonder drugs; Ilogen excel Tablets for diabetes and Somatone Capsules for hypertension. And since then, the progress has been consistent and continuous. 

Herbal Gardens

The Pankajakasthuri Herbal Research Foundation has developed sprawling 13 acre herbal garden. Here, rare herbs are cultivated and utilised in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines at the Pankajakasthuri factory.