Eco-Friendly Festival Celebrations

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The Navratri season just concluded recently, and so did Eid – soon the Diwali season will be upon us, bringing forth more cause for celebration and fun with friends and loved ones. It is a time for indulgence, but also for inner reflections. The essence of every one of these festivals is to thank the Creator for His abundance, and to spread joy and festivity to everyone. Our celebrations therefore, need to also be such that we do not promote wastage or harm to nature. Here are some of the best ways to have an eco-friendly celebration:

  1. Light up your home the natural way: While electrical lights do add colour and brightness to your home, one must ensure that they do not consume a huge amount of electricity. In this case, for Diwali, one can light up one’s home with lots of beautiful and ornate earthen lamps or diyas and put up just a few strings of coloured lights instead of many. In addition you could also use glass lanterns and hang them in your garden with a small candle or earthen lamp to brighten it up.
  2. Buy clothes made of organic fabrics: All festivals involve a lot of colourful outfits and dressing up, so one way to have a sustainable, eco-friendly celebration is to wear fabrics that are created by local artisans, or through organically grown natural fibres like silk.
  3. Use natural rangoli colours: Rangoli is a lovely form of art during festivals, created in so many striking colours. Traditionally, they were created using rice flour, and organic colours made from spices like turmeric, or crushed flowers. Today, organic colours are easily available and are a much better option than using chemical colours. You can also create beautiful rangolis using flower petals.
  4. Prepare sweets at home: It is common today to find that sweets bought from shops have a lot of additives in terms of colour, excessive sugar and sometimes harmful silver foil decorations. Preparing sweets at home is a much better option – there are lots of easy and healthy recipes to make festive sweets at home, and it’s a good opportunity to let the kids help and have fun in the process.
  5. Gifts with value: Gifting during festivals can sometimes get extravagant. Add a personal touch to your gifts by making candles, homemade chocolates or sweets, a decoupage gift box with dry fruits, potted plants decorated with paints and coloured paper and so on. In addition, generosity is a wonderful virtue. Donate to a charity that you believe in, or sponsor a Diwali celebration for an orphan child. It is these small deeds that really add great value to your celebrations, and it will be appreciated a whole lot more.

These are some ways in which your festive celebrations can be fun, while at the same time eco-friendly. Ayurveda always promotes respect towards nature and sustainable practices for healthy living. Make a difference to your festive celebrations today!

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