Symptoms common to many types of Anemia. Illustration about medi

Understanding Anaemia: The Basics

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Anaemia is a blood disorder. People suffering from Anaemia don’t have enough Red Blood Cells (RBCs). RBCs contain haemoglobin (it is a protein that carries oxygen throughout your body) When you are Anaemic, your haemoglobin levels are low and your body doesn’t get all the oxygen it needs. Continue reading

Main symptoms of Diabetes. Illustration about diagram for medica

Steps to Control Complications of Diabetes

If diabetes is not managed properly, then it can lead to serious health complications like glaucoma, cataract, kidney failure, diabetic retinopathy, erectile dysfunction, and hypertension. Diabetes management involves more than just monitoring your blood glucose level; there’s more to it. Let’s check these useful tips to effectively control diabetes: Continue reading